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Dose for Excel - Adds More Than 100 Advanced Functions And Features For Microsoft Excel
The software is described below, arranged by the Ribbon group in which they appear.
The Dose for Excel menu in Excel
Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 or Office 365 with Dose for Excel in its menu
  1. Navigation : If you have many opened Excel workbooks then it will be difficult to navigate between, this utility will help you to navigate through your workbooks easily and also to a certain worksheet inside the workbook by elegant way.

  1. Work Area : Convert your Excel workbook to Full Screen for easy reading, it will minimize the ribbon, status bar and formula bar. Option to show them again and return the workbook to the first show state.
  2. Reading Layout : If you have a huge data with a lot of rows and columns at your workbook then this utility will make you view your data easily by highlighting the column and row of the selected cell.
  3. Row to Column : View a row that has too much columns in a new window separated that includes 2 columns, one for headers and the other for row data.
Dose for Excel Add-In
If you are tired of exporting worksheets one by one, or frustrated by all kinds of complicated tasks in Excel, Dose for Excel is the handy tool for you to simplify complicated tasks into a few clicks. It enhances and adds more than 100 advanced functions for you to easily cope with various kinds of tasks in Excel. For example, you can export sheets quickly, merge cells, rows or columns without losing data, comments assistant, count cells by color, auto backup your workbooks easily. Dose for Excel is undoubtedly an incredible handy add-in which will save your time and effort.
See how Dose for Excel saves your time in Excel 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / Office 365
Utilities locating in the Dose Editing tab:
Utilities locating in the Dose Pro tab:
View Group
  1. Select Range : Easily select cells by using this feature even though there are blank rows or columns then this utility will select all used cells.
Selection Group
  1. Color / Delete Rows : Delete or color (empty rows, rows of at least one empty cell, rows that contains, identical rows, hidden rows).
  2. Delete Columns : Delete (empty columns, columns of at least one empty cell, columns that contains, identical columns, hidden columns).
  3. Spaces : Remove spaces from cells like leading spaces(at the begining of cells), trailing spaces(at the begining of cells), all spaces, extra spaces(convert more than 2 spaces into one space).
  4. Insert Empty : Easily insert empty rows or columns as much as you want with one click.
  5. Insert Values : Insert values in cells before or after the cells values, or serialized selected cells (1-,2-,3-,etc...).
  6. Date Picker : Save time by using date picker to insert date into cells by picking the date from calendar, also you can set it's format.
  7. Change Case : Change letters to upper case, lower case, proper case or captialize each cell.
  8. Merge : Merge cells values into one cell, or merge rows into one row, or merge columns into one column easily with ability to use separator.
  9. Split : Split first and last names, or split cell by separator you specify with one click.
  10. Text and Numbers : Remove only characters or only numbers or emove all except characters and numbers from selected cells easily with one click.
  11. Comments : Comments assistant utility will save your time and effort when it come to comments in Excel, use this to do the following:
                                1- Toggle show or hide comments with a single click.
                                2- Convert comments to cells text.
                                3- Convert cells text to comments.
                                4- Easily delete comments in a range of cells.
                                5- Resize and position comments of selected cells.
                                6- Collect comments on all sheets and list them in one sheet column.
                                7- Replace comments old value with new one.

  1. Write Out Amounts : Write or convert currency or number into words whether in dollar or any currecny you choose with one click.
  2. Random Generator : Randomly generate numbers, string, date, boolean(TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO), or custom list you specify. This is mostly used when you want to test a formula and needs some data to be in cells to test on.
  3. Filter : Advanced filter gives you the ability to select a cell value and just press on filter to filter on this value easily.
Editing Group
  1. Cell Format : Save as much as you want of format patterns to format you cells easily as following:
                                1- Format cells backcolor, forecolor, borders, alignment and font, now you can create a formatting template
                                    buttons as much as you want that can be reuse in all excel files at any time.
                                2- Cell format includes (backcolor, forecolor, borders, text alignment, font size, font bold, font underline, font strikeout, font name).
  1. Color Duplicates : Color all same duplicated values with same color, example: cells that contain 'Hello World' will be colored with red, cells that contain ' Microsoft Excel' will be colored with yellow and so on.
  2. Count By Color : This utility will do the math of count, max, min, average for cells according to their standard or conditional formatting colors or font color, each color will be grouped in a row.
Format Group
  1. Export Sheets : Export your workbook sheets into separated workbooks, each sheet in its own workbook. Ability to check the worksheets you want to export and set the destination.
  2. Files Lister : List all worksheets of active workbook in one sheet as hyperlinks to easily navigate to them.
  3. Delete Blank Sheets : If you have a lot of sheets in one workbook, then this utility will be so useful to delete all empty sheets with one click.
  4. Sort Sheets : Sort all sheets alphanumerically whether ascending or descening, or even if sheets names are date.
Sheets Group
  1. Count Sheets : Count all visible and invisible sheets in active workbook.
  2. Count Words : Count all words in selected cells easily with one click.
  3. Count Chars : Count all characters in selected cells easily with one click.
Info. Group
  1. Backup : Set this feature to auto backup your workbooks when opened or on demand or set it to off, option to set the destination of backup directory.
  2. Settings : Change settings of Dose for Excel, example: change the popup position of the features panes from left or right, also you can set option that
                          takes a copy of the sheet before using any feature or utility of Dose for Excel.
  1. Languages : Change the language of Dose for Excel to match your mother language, it includes (English, arabic, (Detuch) germay, Italian,etc...)
Settings Group
  1. Formula Helper : Quickly use built-in formulas without writing them to save time and efforts (+100 formula)
                                      Using the built-in Excel functions to create some frequently-used formulas which can save you time when you need to apply the
                                      formula, and you don't need to remember how to create the formula.
Formula Group
  1. Functions : Quickly use built-in functions without writing code to save time and efforts
                             Using the built-in Excel functions to create some frequently-used functions which can save you time when you need to apply the
                             function, and you don't need to write code for it or formula.
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  1. Data Cleaning : It helps you cleaning massive data sets by removing leading / trailing / extra spaces, line breaks, non-printing characters, change case,
                                    convert numbers stored as text to actual numbers, and convert numbers to text values.
Data Cleaning Group
  1. Compare Sheets : Compare sheets peer to peer or based on column easily to save you time from comparing them manually or using formulas. The changes of updated, removed, new rows and cells will be highlighted each in different color. Also comments will be inserted to show the old value of each updated cell.
Comparision Group

Excel Dose Editing
Excel Dose Pro
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