How To Convert Numbers To Words In Excel

Convert numbers to words in Excel

Convert Numbers To Words In Excel

Converting numerical values into words in Excel holds significant importance for individuals in the finance field or those dealing with currencies and numerical data. Dose for Excel‘s Write Amounts utility enables swift conversion of amounts into words and provides the flexibility to easily alter both the currency and its corresponding value.

Click DOSE » Text » Write Amounts

Convert Numbers To Words In Excel


  1. Select a range of cells contains the amount numbers that you want to convert to words in the “Select your range:” box.
  2. Default currency is Dollar but you can change it to whatever currency you want in the “1 is:” box.
  3. Choose where you want to insert the results in “Place the results to:” box.
  4. Then click “Apply” button. You will see the result as shown in the below screenshot.
Convert Numbers To Words In Excel

Enhanced Readability

Compliance and Legal Documents

Error Reduction

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