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If you have many opened workbooks and want to navigate to a certain workbook that includes charts or pictures or whatever, then this utility will help you to navigate easily from a single pane that can show all workbooks with their related sheets or even filter the workbooks that include charts, pictures, pivot tables, etc. Dose for Excel‘s Navigation utility can facilitate your moving from workbook to another when big number of workbooks are opened.

Click DOSE » Navigation


  1. Check the option you need to filter workbooks.
    a. All workbooks.
    b. Workbooks include charts.
    c. Workbooks include Pivot Tables.
    d. Workbooks include pictures.
    e. Close the selected workbook.
  2. Select a workbook from the list.
  3. Then double click on the worksheet to navigate to it. You will see the result as shown in the below screenshot.
Excel Navigation


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