Dose for Excel ribbon
“Format” utilities » Cell Format
In the Excel menu choose: DOSE EDITING » Format » Cell Format

  1. Save time formatting cells backcolor, forecolor, borders, alignment and font each time , now you can create a formatting template buttons as much as you want that can be reuse in all excel files at any time.
  2. Cell format includes (backcolor, forecolor, borders, text alignment, font size, font bold, font underline, font strikeout, font name).
  3. This feature saves a lot of time and efforts especially for those who use many different Excel formats such like Finance, IT, Reporters, etc...
  4. This feature is so useful for columns headers and data table format templates, just give each template a name to distinguish them.
  5. To apply this feature on some cells, you need to select these cells you want to apply the template format on.
Excel Cell format
The below image shows how you can create your custom cell format by one click:
The below image shows the cells formatted according to the cell format template you created with one click:
Excel Cell format
Excel Cell format

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