How to insert a date picker in Excel

Add Date Pickers to Your Excel Sheets in No Time

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Effortlessly streamline data entry and minimize errors with Dose for Excel’s built-in date picker. This handy tool allows you to select dates directly into your spreadsheets with a single click, eliminating the need for manual typing and potential mistakes. Simply activate the date picker and choose your desired date format and click to fill date or date and time into your Excel range of cells, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your data management.

Click DOSE » Insert » Date Picker

How to insert a date picker in Excel


  1. Select a range of cells.
  2. Set date format in “Custom Format” box or use the default one (yyyy-MMM-dd).
  3. To insert dates into selected cells, click on a date in the date picker pane, as shown in the below screenshot.
How to insert a date picker in Excel

Effortlessly Enhance Excel’s Date Entry with Dose for Excel

Boost Efficiency with Advanced Features:

  • Insert Dates with Time: Include the time component along with the date for a more comprehensive data record.
  • Simplify Filtered Data Management: Effortlessly insert dates into filtered datasets, maintaining the integrity of your analysis.

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