Dose For Excel 3.6.1 – Release Notes (04-Apr-2023)

Good news! Dose for Excel 3.6.1 comes with useful new features, and excellent feature improvements! You can always upgrade your version for free for lifetime.

New Features
  1. DOSE » Compare Lists: You can compare lists within the same or other workbooks to detect differences or matched values, and you can even alter the results color.
  2. DOSE » Export : The export to “Formatted Text (Space delimited) (*.prn)” has been fixed for multiple worksheets.
  3. Reliable registration is being enhanced now in order to make customers register their version of Dose for Excel without issues. Note that current registered customers may need to re-register their license key with this and later versions.
  1. DOSE » Filter: Now you can filter your range of data regardless its position.
  2. DOSE » All of the following features have been optimized and became faster than before by approximately 1000%:
    • Calendar
    • Change Case
    • Remove Text / Numbers
    • Comments Assistant
    • Convert Hyperlinks
    • Count by Colors
    • Data Cleaning
    • Delete Columns
  3. Remaining features will be optimized for faster performance in the future releases.
Bugs Fixed
  1. DOSE » Functions: extract hyperlinks does not extract hyperlinks of places in this document.
  2. DOSE » Functions » returns the numbers found in a string was not working properly.
  3. DOSE » Data Cleaning » removing non printing characters have been fixed.
  4. DOSE » Insert » Date Picker » date format issue on first time load.
  5. DOSE » Format » Count by Color » Min and Max values are not calculated properly.

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